Smart Ads


The Amazon PPC Optimization Solution for Affordable FBA Growth

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Time is money. We save you both.

  • Ad-Spend Efficient

  • Time Efficient

  • Performance with Control


An affordable technology that ensures you don't waste ad spend

For the Amazon Seller who wants to control their budget while harnessing the power of machine learning-driven technology.

Chug Buddy is one such Amazon Seller who, after working with Mayan, was able to drastically increase their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Time That You Could Save

Save up to 25 hours per week on advertising

Many Amazon Sellers report spending almost 40% of their time per week on advertising! Our automations are designed to save you time.

With that extra time back, how would you scale your business? Invest in improving your supply chain, discover new products to sell - the opportunities are endless.

Inventory Informed Actions

Run high-performing PPC campaigns - that you control

You set the automations, budgets and limits. Inventory informed actions mean you don't spend advertising dollars on inventory that you don't have.

Beta Waitlist


Suite of Powerful Automations for the Growth-Minded Seller

Dashboard & Analytics

For Amazon business Auris, the Smart Ads Platform dashboard revealed that a black variation of their product drove 90% of their sales.

Automated Full Campaign Coverage

Distribute high performing keywords amongst exact, broad, phrase, ASIN, and Category targeting.

Keyword Discovery

Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to discover new keywords for your products.

Inventory Informed Actions

Don't waste advertising dollars on inventory that you don't have, or accidentally drive yourself out of stock.

Category Targeting

Helps target categories in which to advertise the product in.

Competitor Product Targeting

Expands the competition you advertise against so that you have greater overall market coverage.

Day of Week Bid Optimizations

Optimize bids on high performing days and lower spend when performance tends to be down, responding to trends in daily performance.

Bulk Change Placement Adjustments

Adjust bids for Top of Search and Product Pages more quickly, and stick out above the competition.

Smart Ads Platform scales FBA businesses.

Auris Case Study graph_dark

Auris’ business in 2020 was an undisputed success, generating half a million in revenue mainly from one product alone. However, with competitors entering their section of the consumer electronics space, they needed to diversify revenues.


Using the Smart Ads Platform dashboard, Auris found that the black variation of their product drove 90% of their sales. By using Keyword Discovery and Automated Full Campaign Coverage, Auris was able to separate their campaigns to focus on the black variation of their product.


As a result of using the Smart Ads Platform for Auris' newly-launched products, they had a highly-profitable 5+ ROAS within a month of launch. Auris also had 60% year-over-year growth in sales in 2021, followed by a projected 52% growth thus far in 2022. 


Need clarification?

What can I expect after joining the Beta Waitlist?

After joining the Beta Waitlist, a representative from Mayan will reach out to you with next steps. Since we have limited beta slots, we may ask you some additional questions to see if you are qualified to move further up the list. Likewise, we would be happy to answer any of your questions via email or hop on a call.

What is the cost?

$199 + 5% of ad spend, per month. Unlike other PPC platforms, you are not locked in by a contract and are welcome to pay month-by-month.

Does the SmartAds Platform come with a PPC Expert Account Manager?

The Smart Ads Platform, unlike our Premium Expert Management Services, does not include a PPC Expert Account Manager. During your onboarding of the Smart Ads Platform, you will have access to a Customer Success team member who will help you navigate the platform. Our platform also comes with helpful training resources to assist you.

What is so great about the Smart Ads Platform?

First, unlike other PPC platforms that may increase your advertising spend without your knowledge and control, you control your budget and the automations.

Second, at a competitive price, you can harness the power of machine learning-driven automations, designed by a team led by MIT data scientists. Should you choose to upgrade to Premium Expert Management Services, that is always an option.

By leveraging these automations, you can save crucial time that you can use to otherwise expand your business.

Finally, no contracts or hidden fees. We’ve heard some horror stories of other PPC platforms who continue to charge you even after you cancel your contract with them - rest assured, this will not happen when you choose to partner with us.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you are always welcome to upgrade to Premium Expert Management Services at a later time.